Monday, January 28, 2013


This is another one of those inevitable songs. It has perfect words and melody. And, in my opinion, as important as these in a song, plot.

 The drums, bass and piano are played by a program I use call Band in a Box. It's the tool I wanted to program back in the 80s for the Commodore computer, which could play three notes at a time, making a chord. I wanted a machine that would play chords that I programmed into it. I'd play and sing along with the chords. Band in a Box is that concept beautifully realized for MIDI and the PC. I plug in the chords to a song and the computer plays it on as many as five instruments of my choosing. I try to choose only the drums, bass and piano. I figure I should be able to do the guitars myself.

Here's what this song looks like in Band in a Box.