Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kind Woman

All right. It's time for one of my all-time favorite tunes and of course it's from Buffalo Springfield, the perpetrators of about 30% of my all-time favorites list. The first time I heard this song back in 1966 I knew that I wanted to be able to play the guitar like that. Unfortunately I was a tad naive and didn't recognize that it was a pedal steel guitar. Played by Jerry Garcia, no less.

My nephew, Jocco Rushing, who can play circles around me on the guitar, was also blown away by the guitar and singing (by Richie Furay) in this song. I consider Buffalo Springfield's music timeless and I think young Jocco agrees. There is a 3-CD collection of all of Buffalo Springfield's music and I recommend it to anyone who likes classic 20th century music. At least check out Jerry Garcia's steel playing on this song. And this was 1966! 

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