Friday, January 25, 2013

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It's Beatle time again here at Knees Calhoon's Midnight Ramble and it's so much fun to go back to 1965 and play those chords that brought so much amazement to young Knees and Skip. We thrived on their songs, like Things We Said Today, that would have a relatively mellow verse or two before going into a rocking chorus, usually in another key.

The Torques of 1965, as was their wont, would add another layer of excitement to the song by not only getting louder and more frantic during the chorus, but by speeding up like rabid greyhounds. Then, when it came time for the verse again, they would sheepishly slow down to a more normal pace as the dancing teenagers would glare at them with beer-fuddled eyes.

NO REPLY (Torques Version, Nov. 1965) 

With Skip Batchelor providing the vocals and guitar, Fender Tucker, the harmony and guitar, Dwight Babcock the soaring bass, and Bob Amerman the pounding drums, the Torques at the Boys Club probably looked a bit scruffier than in their amp picture.

We had bought the amps in Albuquerque a few months earlier. We had planned to get the traditional blond amps but the black ones were brand new from Fender and we couldn't resist. Years later the blond ones came back into vogue and we regretted it. The guitars in this picture would sell for $$$$ today. I traded the green Strat in for my Gibson Es-335 in 1966.

I was messing around with a labeller one day and stuck a label on Skip's Strat on the headpiece over the Fender decal. He was rather pissed when I pulled the label off and the Fender decal came off with it. It probably lowered the value of the guitar a few bucks in 1965 -- and a few hundred in 2013). Sorry about that, Skip!

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