Saturday, January 12, 2013

Harbor Lights of Venus

I think this song is by Boz Scaggs, but because I am constrained from consulting the Internet to refresh my memory about it, I'm just guessing. I probably have the words wrong, too, since they don't seem to make much sense. I have no idea where I got this song, but the words (and more importantly, chords) are written in my songbook from the 70s.

I sent this mp3 to a friend and he wanted me to emphasize the odd chord in this song. It is truly an odd chord and I'm sure you'll catch it. In the key of C it would be a big B major. You don't find that too often in popular music. Willie Nelson says he has written songs based on a single chord he liked and I bet Boz was doing the same thing.

I wish I had thought of it. Another thing that's great about this song is the title. It evokes an alien world of sailing ships with a nostalgic flair. Only us oldsters remember the song "Harbor Lights" but here is a tune to bridge the generations.

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