Friday, January 4, 2013

Dirty Work

This is one of my favorite Steely Dan songs and I am well pleased with the way it turned out. In fact, on the chorus the harmonizer made me sound just like the Dan, except that they did it the old-fashioned way, actually singing the harmony parts. I just pressed a button.

What kind of song is this? It's not R&R, country, pop, disco, hip-hop. It's a sort of soap opera song about a philandering cougar, sung with unstrained vocals over interesting, melodic chords. There's no genre for it, but I wish there were more songs like this.

There undoubtedly are, but in the musical fog of 2013 it would take me too long to track them down. So I stick with the songs of my younger days. 

Listening Tip: Use headphones or buds for Knees Calhoon music.  The songs aren't "mastered" in the same way professional music is, so the highs and lows are lost when played through computer speakers, and believe me, Knees needs all the highs and lows he can muster.


  1. Nice work. I think Steely Dan's music has held up really well compared to most of the time -- it's creative and smart.

  2. I especially liked the early Steely Dan songs. Later on I think the sound became too much Fagen and not enough Becker. I've got another Dan song and will put it up right now.