Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Way

I first heard this song when I was working at Softdisk in Shreveport LA back in the 90s. It was playing on somebody's radio at work and I remember asking around about that "old and gray" song. Nobody could remember the song or who sang it. Then one day I was at a pizza joint and it played on the TV on a cable channel and I finally found out that the name of the song was "The Way" and that it was by a band named Fastball. Of course I could have found out that on the Internet but my mind doesn't work that way now, much less in the 90s. I figured I had stumbled on a forgotten gem, because it was truly a catchy number with intriguing major/minor chord changes and an extremely rocking chorus.

It wasn't till I got on my current recording kick last year that I actually researched the song and learned it. I found out that the song was very popular in the 90s and may have actually been over-played. As if I would know.

Fastball turns out to be a three-piece band from Austin and if any of their other songs compare to "The Way" I need to listen more. There's even a Wikipedia entry about the song. Apparently, it's based on a true event, when an elderly couple were discovered dead in the desert, a distance away from their car, which had broken down. No one knew they were out.