Thursday, January 17, 2013

For a Smile

We return to the arcane here at the Midnight Ramble with another song penned by my friend, Jim Weiler. When he found out I was on a recording kick back in the 90s he dropped a binder on my desk. It was filled with song lyrics he had come up with out of his twisted but Adderal-quality imagination. My job was to write the music and record the songs.

Back in July we celebrated a couple of his songs, POME OF YOURSELF and THE PEDIPHAGE QUARTET, and if you survived those you'll probably enjoy

 I feel I must explain how the song came about. When I saw the words I sensed a rhythm (as all good lyrics should have) and immediately sang a simple melody over the first chords that occurred to my hands. This is my usual song-writing method. Think long? Think wrong. I recorded it and didn't really like it. Was it an upbeat song, or a wistful one? Then I looked more closely at the lyric sheet.

According to the official lyric sheet, it's both! My high school Latin skills tell me that "lagrimoso" has something to do with tears. "Allegro" means the opposite, I suppose.

So I made the song a bit more tearful, and more suited to the season of Lent. As your penance, here is the first version I did, a few months back. Both versions rely on Band in a Box for all the music.

 Y'know, as I read the lyric sheet again, I can hear almost exactly what Legs Muldoon had planned. And I completely missed it. Hmmmm. Maybe this is why so few successful people adhere to my "think long, think wrong" policy?