Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'll Be Back

Here's that Beatle tune I promised, which shows off their skills in blending major and minor chords. This one switches from Am to A major at will and has two choruses. Skip and I figured John and Paul were just showing off. We struggled to come up with one catchy idea and they had them to spare.

The song was rather straightforward after the first pass, with single voice vocals on the verses and harmonizing on the choruses, but since the last half of the verses deserved harmony, I added it and then needed to do something more for the choruses. I ended up singing the song twice, each time with with the appropriate harmonies. But instead of picking the best vocal track, I perversely decided to use them both, so instead of the usual three Knees jammed in your ears you've got six.

Knees Calhoon has one of the world's best anagrams -- HE'S AN OK CLONE -- and at the Loadstar Tower in Shreveport LA where I made my fortune with a computer magazine back in the 90s there were many stories about Knees being a clone. Well, with this song he sounds like three of them, and it really doesn't matter which one is the real one.