Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Man's Hair On My Razor

Back in the 70s I had an album by a Canadian group called The Paupers, and this was the only only song on it that I remembered. We used to do it at the Las Cruces Inn and the hipper crowd liked it. They thought it was by "The Poppers".

I couldn't remember what key we used to do the song in and ended up in a much lower, easier key. In fact ALL of my songs are done in a lower key than I used to do them in. Even if I don't consciously move them down, they are lower anyway, because I have my acoustic guitar tuned down a whole step. It makes the strings easier to play and gives it a swampier sound. And of course, it makes it easier for a 65-year-old to sing songs he used to sing when he was 30.

Here's how the younger, more hirsute Knees played this song with the Calhoon Brothers in 1977.