Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Saturday Baby

Knees always wanted to be able to sing falsetto and here was his chance. He even slowed down the playback when he recorded the vocals so that they were sped up in the final mix, giving it that Chipmunks sound.

Written: Fort Bliss TX, fall 1967

Obviously a ripoff of Frank Zappa’s Ruben and the Jets’ style, this tune grew out of late night jam sessions in the stairwells at the barracks, where the reverb was inspiring – and forgiving. It was the doo-wop song for the five or six guys with guitars and other noise makers who would gather there. The annoying falsetto wasn’t part of it back in the army days; it only was added in the early 90s when Knees recorded this classic ballad.

I think of you baby every night,
I want to hold you an kiss you tight
Saturday Baby won’t you please be mine?

You are the toughest broad I know,
Whenever you touch me my juices flow
Saturday Baby won’t you please be mine?

Saturday night we met at the dance
You looked at me an at my chartreuse pants
Then all at once it was romance,
Oh baby please give me a chance.

Castle Duck