Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nothin You Can Say

Did you know that some of Knees' songs were used in a film? Back in 2003 or so we published MUDDLED MIND, a book about Ed Wood by David Hayes. David mentioned that he was making a film called BACKWOODS and as yet it didn't have any music in it. I sent him a CD with the old MP3s on it and a few months later I received a DVD of BACKWOODS by Dead Alive Productions. Sure enough, most of the musical background was taken from the CD and "Knees Calhoun" was listed in the credits as providing five songs.

Unfortunately the movie is no longer available at NetFlix. The reviews are incredibly negative. In my opinion everyone ought to see BACKWOODS before they die.

Written: Monterey Street, Farmington NM, spring 1966
Actually, a good musician friend of Knees’, Mo Moses, wrote most of this song, including the killer guitar lick. Mo was apparently inspired by the Kinks’ early songs like You Really Got Me and All Day and All of the Night. Knees sure would like to run into Mo again and pay him the royalties this song has generated. In 2003 this song was used during the tent-erecting scene in the David Hayes slasher film, Backwoods, which, according to NetFlix, is the third worst black comedy of all time.

You better watch out you better get outa town
If I catch you girl I’m gonna put you down
There ain’t no use in you hangin around
I know all about the new love you found
Oh no
Nothin you can say can stop me now,
I’m gonna make you sad somehow.
Nothin you can say can stop me now,
I’m gonna make you sad somehow
Oh no, oh no.

You’ve been sayin that he treats you right
But I gave you lovin both day an night
One of these days you’re gonna see the light
You plead don’t hurt me but I just might
Oh no.

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