Thursday, May 31, 2012

1959 Pinocchio Timex Blues

For this song, I recorded the drums, guitars and bass normally then before recording the lead vocal I sped the tape speed up so I had to sing it in a higher key. Then when I slowed the tape to the normal speed where the guitars and instruments sound just right, the vocal track now sounded a tad slow and lazy. Perfect for this song!

Written: Alpine Street, Huntsville AL, fall 1968

Knees was in his second army year at Redstone Arsenal and living off-base with Dick O’Murphley and Ron Cramer. He and Peter Blue, another army buddy, would play some blues on guitar and harmonica and this was one of them. Knees was inspired by Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde album and liked the idea of mentioning brand names in a song. He was very proud of the Twistaflex line. In 2002 Jim Weiler was so inspired by this song he wrote the very first SongBook: The 1966 Chevy Nova Blues.

I dropped seven pennies onna sidewalk
Reachin in my pocket for a dime
I guess I don’t get no hotdog
But at least I got the time.

Some little bastid ran away with all my pennies
Practicin for a life of crime
Now I definitely don’t get no hotdog
But at least I got the time.

Cuz I got me a 1959 Pinocchio Timex
I wear it around the upper portion of my leg,
It would cut off my blood flow
But I ain’t got none
From the knee on down I just got a peg.

Now I know you got some questions
Like how come I don’t wear it on my wrist?
Y’see my Twistaflex’s got six inches
An I just got a five inch fist

So why not on my ankle?
Good question I must admit
But y’see I’m kinda myopic
An I can’t see my ankle for shit.

The Organ

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