Friday, May 25, 2012

It Wasn't Simple Livin' With Her

Not much can be said about this tune. It's only a southwestern song.

In case you were wondering what those little designs under the lyrics were, they're what I call "Meeting Doodles". In 1987 at the age of 40 I got my first day job as managing editor of LOADSTAR, a magazine (on disk) for Commodore computer users. It was one of several magazines at Softdisk, the parent company, and for the first time in my life I experienced a "business meeting". The first two or three were fascinating, but by meeting #5 the thrill was gone and I was nodding off regularly. Then I discovered doodling. It kept me awake and since anything anyone else said at the meeting had no relevance for me I could tune it out and groove into Doodleland for the duration.

In the mid-90s the Apple guy at Softdisk, Jim Weiler, turned the doodles into GIFs and now I paste them around like smiley faces. Weiler gave them their names.

Written: White Rocks Dorm, NMSU, Las Cruces NM, 1965

This was inspired by an obscure Bob Dylan song called If You Gotta Go, Go Now. It wasn’t about anyone Knees knew – in 1965 he hadn’t had any experience with living with anyone but his family. He had forgotten all about it until the early 90s when he found a copy of the lyrics.

She didn’t try to see me through,
She thought I oughta change my view
It wasn’t simple livin with her.
She didn’t try to connect at all
She kept the bed away from the wall
No it wasn’t simple livin with her.

But my days with her were good for me,
Not only fun but reality
Now fun is cheap but not as real,
Only she can change the way I feel.

She had a way of holdin back
She said our minds were on different tracks
It wasn’t simple livin with her.
She blew her mind when things got rough
She held me down but not enough
No it wasn’t simple livin with her.

But my days with her were right for me,
Better than they had a right to be
Her leavin me I took in stride,
Now all I got is my pride.

Sad Cypress


  1. Somehow the (great) doodle matches the song.

    I'm off to Europe for 10 days, don't get all busted up if I don't comment.

    --An inveterate doodler

  2. Knees will welcome you back after a great trip. Maybe he'll be into his good period by then.