Wednesday, May 23, 2012


1965 was a productive year for Knees Calhoon and there are still a couple more to go. Tonight's song is nice and heartwarming -- to prepare you for tomorrow's night's Ramble, a little ditty called Box Lunch. You might want to prepare your young children and small pets for a song they shouldn't hear. But in the meantime . . .

Written: North of Durango CO, circa 1965
One day Bob Amerman, Dwight Babcock and Knees went fishing up in Colorado. Knees had his guitar and wanted to write a song at the camp while the other two fished, and when Bob said he’d been wanting to write a love song for Sydney Little, his girlfriend, Knees volunteered to write the song for him. Unfortunately, the chords were too hard for Bob to play -- he was just beginning the guitar -- and he never sang it for Sydney. Bob died of cancer a year later. About three years ago I found Sydney online and sent her the song.
Oh Sydney,
Our love has lasted,
So let’s both look past it
And see what tomorrow will bring.
And don’t you see that Sydney,
Our love will grow stronger
Each day will grow longer
Than the day I gave you my ring.
The dreams that we shared will all come true
So never be scared long as I’m here with you.
And don’t you see that, Sydney,
The world is our highway
And when things turn out my way
You and I will have our day.