Tuesday, May 22, 2012

She's With Him

I'm going to inject in the sequence of Knees Calhoon songs an occasional oddball tune that may not have been written by Knees, but was recorded by Knees, and fits into the chronology. We're still in 1965, the year Knees graduated from high school and attended a semester of college at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces NM. And in early 1965 the Torques drove down to Albuquerque and recorded a 45 at John Wagner's studio. The A song was "She's With Him", written by Harry Batchelor (later known as Skip) and the B side was "She's the One" a song they heard on the radio by a The Chartbusters, a one-hit wonder.

We bought 300 copies of the 45 and sold and gave them away, and up till a year or so ago I hadn't heard that version of the song since the 60s. Then a 45 collector from San Diego e-mailed me asking about a 45 he had just bought at a flea market for $1, on the Delta label by a group called The Torques. He made MP3s of it and sent them to me.

Yay! I finally had the song back. I had recorded my version of the song in 1993 when I did all of these recordings on the 4-track cassette. The collector even sent me a JPG of the 45 label.

Harry is doing the singing on the original version with Dwight Babcock on bass, Bob Amerman on drums and Knees on the guitar. The guitar lick that defines the song was written by John Wagner. Apparently we used to play the song with Harry and me just chugging along on barre chords. We knew so little about songwriting or recording back then.

(Knees Calhoon's 1993 version)
Here she comes alone
With him
Here she comes alone
With him
Now he's gonna take her hand
Very soon that girl will be the wife
Of that man.

Everything she does, she does
With him
I can tell she's in love
With him, whoa yeah,
I'm so sad I can cry,
Please tell me why oh why oh why
She's with him.

 (Original Torques version, 1965)
 Harry (Skip) Batchelor, Bob Amerman, Dwight Babcock, Knees Calhoon

To hear the B side of the Torques 45, check out www.ramblehouse.com/Torques.htm