Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Wheel's on Fire

As usual, I am of two minds about the way these songs are done. Should I dash out a perhaps divinely-inspired song in an hour or two and call it done? Or should I let the song simmer a day or two on my recording griddle, in case I get another bolt from above about how the song should end?

Today I have one of the slapdash songs. It started last night when I realized I might be able to do justice to one of my favorite diminished chord-containing gems by The Band, This Wheel's on Fire. I had forgotten that Rick Danko's voice ranged far, far beyond mine and I couldn't croak it in the same key. But maybe if I sang an octave lower and let the harmonizer do the work . . .

 It doesn't sound at all like The Band. But neither did the version that was used as the theme song for Absolutely Fabulous. It's a strange tune and it makes the most out of that diminished chord.