Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Feel Fine

This is a mistake. I should have known better than to tackle a Beatle song that everybody knows, but it has the essential Buckaroo lick that has propelled the last three songs. At least the way I play it is similar to the other song licks. George actually plays a better, more difficult lick.

I couldn't find a drum pattern anything like what Ringo plays. What I picked was called "Johnny Cash Style" if you can believe that. Undoubtedly if I knew Band in a Box better I could have manufactured a pattern that mimicked Ringo's playing, but for now I only use the styles supplied on the CD.

Enough excuses. I need to stick to obscure songs. We played this in The Disciples, a band from 1966 that lasted about a year. It had no chance -- everybody in it was waiting for their draft notice. I don't remember it being so hard to sing.

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