Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whispering Pines

I knew two songs that had the same title but were completely different. One was by Johnny Horton and the other was by The Band. But were they all that different? Could they be played in the same key and tempo and somehow glommed into one rather long song? Maybe.

Johnny Horton was one of my earliest influences mainly because his greatest hits album came out right when I was getting into music at 12 or so. We used to play a lot of Johnny Horton in the Calhoon Brothers.

If I had to pick any one singer I'd like to be able to sing like, it would be Richard Manuel of The Band. He sings this song in a falsetto that is the most mournful, poignant thing you've ever heard. I feel badly about my mid-range mouthing of the words but hey, it's the Knees Calhoon Midnight Ramble.  

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