Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Someday Soon

One of my favorite songs from the 60s was Ian Tyson's Someday Soon, but since it was written for a woman to sing I never had much opportunity to sing it. But then I figured that if it's time for women to be engaging in combat, maybe it's time for this song to be re-gendered.

Hmmm. It doesn't really work. I changed all the gendered words but now it sounds like some mama's boy pining away for some bull-dozing staff sergeant named Melba.

I went way overboard on the guitars, laying down several tracks and not being satisfied with any one of them. So I blanked out all the parts I didn't like and left in the ones I sorta did.

FLASH! Jim Weiler just e-mailed me and said that my regendering of this song doesn't work because all I did was change the pronouns. He said the whole plot of the song needs to be adjusted so that it's about a guy who's having trouble because his girlfriend is too feminine. Just as the original song is about a girl's boyfriend being too masculine.

Luckily, Jim supplied the revised lyrics for me and here's the new, re-sexed version.

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