Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tonight the Bartender

The Calhoon Brothers enjoyed playing self-aware barroom songs and this one by Asleep at the Wheel is one of the best, although it seems to have been missed by the younger barroom crowd. I tried to check the lyrics I had for it online and couldn't find them. Apparently no one has uploaded the lyrics yet.

Since this blog is a sort of archive as much as anything else, I should mention the instruments I use on the recordings. The acoustic guitar is a J.W. Gallagher and Son, G70 model, #376, The electric guitar is a 1966 Gibson ES-335 TDC, #360350. The harmonizer is a Digitech Vocalist Live 3. The effects come from a Boss BR-600 digital recorder. The microphone is a Shure SM-58, probably over 40 years old. I use a Boss volume pedal. The bass, drums and keyboards come from Band in a Box and the recordings are done with Audacity.

Here's how the Mighty Calhoon Brothers played the song back on April 21, 1977 at the Las Cruces Inn.