Saturday, July 4, 2015

Scotch and Soda

This is one of my favorite old drinking songs by Dave Guard of the Kingston Trio. Remember them? I tarted it up quite a bit, giving it the kind of atmosphere that all the Viagra makers go for in their TV ads. But this song isn't about sex -- it's about booze.

I sent a link to this song to Ed Gorman and he said: "Wow, Fender, that's the best version of that song I've ever heard, Do you ever play clubs or anything? You should." Ed is the best horror/suspense writer I know (well, maybe along with Bill Pronzini) and it looks like he knows his way around a booze song too.

Do people really want to see 70-year-olds performing music in public? Skip Batchelor says yes and he should know. Here in Mississippi every solo act seems to be into blues and once I've played my two blues songs you've heard them all. Maybe if I lived in New Mexico again . . .? 

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