Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let's Just Play Us As We Lay

When I hear songs like this that could be so much better with a different tone on the guitar, and maybe some harmony, I wonder why I don't record them again? I have a 100-track recorder, a super acoustic guitar, more effects than I can possibly ever abuse, a good microphone and an electronic drummer that's light year's better than the one I used on most of the songs. Maybe I will.

Another song written on a highway. I guess I shouldn't complain about people texting or talking on a cell phone while driving. Apparently I used to write down lyrics while speeding down the interstate.

Written: Interstate 25 north of Las Cruces NM, 1980

It started out as a combo golf/cheating song but ended up having nothing to do with golf, except for the “play it as it lays” pun. Knees gave it the first melody that occurred to him—as he did many of his songs—but never played it with his bands. Too bad. It might have been a good bar song.

I had my plans, I had my dreams
I’d sail around the moon, I’d touch everything
I had it all worked out just what I’d do
But one thing I hadn’t planned on was you.

We played us cool, we played us smart
We played so well right from the start
An here’s my plan for today
Let’s forget about tomorrow,
Let’s just play us as we lay.

Let’s just play us as we lay us together
Let’s just play us as we lay us down, down down
Now I’m makin the last plan I’ll ever make
Let’s forget about tomorrow,
Let’s just play us as we lay.