Friday, June 29, 2012


One thing I've noticed while mixing these 40+ songs is that on tunes that have vocal harmonies, it is imperative that I mix the tracks with the vocals together and preferably in the center of the aural field. You can get all sorts of effects by separating the voices and it sounds more natural, but when I do that I find that most of my high harmony tracks sound like mewing kittens. Tone-deaf mewing kittens. 

Simply said, if you could hear the two vocal tracks separately, as I have, you would shudder and agree that all vocal tracks must be unseparated and in the center. Or at least re-recorded with more vocal quality. Or banned altogether.

The odd thing is, to my ear, the vocals sound fine when mixed together in the center. The mewing isn't heard; just the louder, more confident syllables.

Written: Gallagher Street, Las Cruces NM, 1980

Knees was thinking of the William Faulkner novel when he wrote this whiney ballad. Too bad he didn’t follow the plot better. The song sounded pretty good when Knees was playing with a group called Night Flight. He was the piano player and the guitarist, Mike Gregory, was amazing. Unfortunately, Knees never was able to get a copy of the few recordings they made.

You call on me when you can use me
When you’re feelin low you choose me
You count on me, I’m a soft place you can fall

But while you’re out gettin lonely
Til it hurts so much you phone me
I’m thinkin someday, I won’t be here when you call.

Everybody needs a sanctuary
A place to hide when you’re feelin too well known
Everybody needs a sanctuary
I’m somebody and I need one of my own.

I love your mind I’ve been inside it
But somethin’s wrong we’re too one-sided
I’m sinkin fast, I can’t wait too long

So when your nights begin to bruise you
Let’s just hope I don’t refuse you
I’m tryin hard but I can only be so strong.

Everybody needs a sanctuary
A place to hide, a friend that you can call
Everybody needs a sanctuary
I’m somebody and I need you most of all.


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