Monday, June 11, 2012

Who Cares As Long As I Get Mine?

I just realized that I have live versions of about 20 of the Knees Calhoon songs as played by the Mighty Calhoon Brothers in Las Cruces NM back in the late 70s. So I plan to include a link to the live version at the bottom of the blog beneath the doodle. A few of the songs already done have live versions and I hope to add links on them so you might want to take another look at some of the older posts -- if you like live versions of songs. There's not much I can do to clean up the live recordings. They weren't recorded in stereo. We just set up a reel-to-reel tape recorder and hoped for the best.

Written: Electronics Class, TVI, Albuquerque NM, 1973

One boring day at a vocational school Knees wrote the words to two songs, then went home at noon and wrote the music and recorded them. Death on the Horizon was the R&R song and this was the C&W tune. The words just seemed to write themselves and Knees was as surprised as anyone when this song turned out to be the world’s first bi-sexual country & western song.

I’m drivin to a pickin job
Bout seventy miles from my home town
An I got my country station blarin
Listenin to the latest sounds
With forty miles down an thirty to go
An country words a-spinnin in my mind
My man my woman my wife, my life!
Sounds like someone’s in a bind.

Now a little girl is singin about keepin her man
An warnin her friends to stay away
Or a man is moanin in a mournful voice
About how somebody’s gonna hafta pay
You’d think everybody owned someone else
But then only one at a time
My man my woman my wife, my life!
Who cares as long as I get mine?

I’m a man who loves the women,
An my wife sure loves the men
Maybe just the other way around,
Somethin different now an then.
An you know when I find me a woman
My wife usually finds her a man
An if we happen to be together
We lend each other a hand, a hand, a hand.

So here I am in another town,
My wife is seventy miles away
An I bet she’s with a friend
An they ain’t talkin bout the time a day
But tonight when quittin time rolls around
Me an Sally are gonna be feelin fine
My man my woman my wife, my life!
Who cares as long as I get mine?
My man my woman my life, big deal!
Who cares as long as I get mine?


(Sometime in the late 70s at the Las Cruces Inn, Las Cruces NM)

All Roads Lead to Tuba

I'm a little late in getting this song up at the blog because as I was remixing it I decided that it sure could use some harmony. I probably left off any harmony back in 1993 because I ran out of tracks and didn't feel like ping-ponging them any more than they were. So I waited until today and added the harmony vocal tracks. Recording these days is so easy to do. I really should re-record all of my songs.

Written: Kirtland NM, 1972
In 1972, Peter and Rockee Blue, army friends of Knees’ from 1968, came out to New Mexico for a visit. With Knees and his wife, Joyce, they went on a two-day trip to the Grand Canyon, finding out that on the southern rim side, you must drive through Tuba City AZ no matter where you go or what you do. The Blues suggested that Knees write a song about “all roads leading to Tuba City”.
It’s a sad road I’m travelin
Sad because my baby tole me that our love is dead
“Go on an beat your head against the wall,” she said
“I don’t think that I can take it any more.”
A man tries to make a livin
Doin what he does the best for as much as he can get
But tell that to a woman without lowerin your head
When the life she needs is just outside your door.
An the raincloud up ahead is flashin like a sign
It's a motorcycle nightmare on the Utah line
Do you blame me brothers for changin my mind?
I turn around an head back home.
All roads lead to Tuba
Just like all roads lead to hell
If you’re headin for the Canyon
You’ll get to know it well.
Well I tried to leave my woman
Somethin I’ve attempted so many times before
But every time I come on back a-beggin at the door
I wonder just what I’m tryin to do?
As I ride into Tuba
I get a kinda feelin that things just ain’t the same
Like mebbe someone’s changed all the rules to the game
I wonder if it’s me or if it’s you.
Then I see the note that’s lyin on the bed
Says “Now do you believe that our love is dead?”
Then I start to thinkin bout all the things she said
An I go an beat my head against the wall.

Eyes Up