Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Hundred Years

This song doesn't sound all that much better than the old mono version because, for some reason, all of the non-vocal stuff (drums, bass, guitars, keyboards) are on one track and the other three are devoted to vocals. Why did I do that back in 1993?

So I can't separate and bring out the rhythm guitar and tone down the keyboard or anything like that. It's forever mixed onto one track. You'd think that with three tracks for vocals they'd be some hot stuff, but two of them are identical and the other is just Knees singing the obvious harmony on the chorus.

Written: Monterey Street, Farmington NM, summer 1971

Knees was just out of the army when he wrote this song on the piano. He was playing in Durango Colorado and into Neil Young and his old man songs. Knees wondered if he ought to sing the song in a Jack Crabb-like croak, but wisely opted for a more normal voice.

Brokenhearted dream keeps me movin on
Brokenhearted frame of mind
Will linger when I’m gone
I’m not gonna be the last man in this world
But even though my life was sadness
I lived to see one hundred years.

Brokenhearted love was all I ever won
A brokenhearted life
And now it’s almost done
I’m not gonna see the last day of this world
But even though my life was madness
I lived to see one hundred years.

I fought the last century
Livin fast and playin rough
It didn’t last long enough
And now it’s gettin mighty tough
To even stay alive.
One hundred years old
God have mercy on my soul.