Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sad Sad Feelin

This is another one of those songs that was written on the piano and never played until it was recorded in the 90s, when I didn't have a very good piano.

Written: Monterey Street, Farmington NM, 1974
Knees was thinking about Diane, the singer in the band Country, when he wrote this song, but as usual, the plot didn’t necessarily follow real life. If a line rhymed, and had a good sound to it, Knees would use it even if it suddenly changed the thrust of the song.
The last thing on my mind
Was to bring you down with me
What started out as a partnership
Soon had us on our knees

I thought that we would find
A way to make it last
But we were thinkin like we used to
We were livin in the past

Such a sad sad feelin,
To know the one you love
Is the one you got to leave
To be free, to be free, to be free.

There’s so much to do
An so little time to live
We thought we’d take the world apart
We had so much to give

So remember me this way
As your partner and your friend
An remember all the times we had
And maybe have again

Smiling Buddha

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