Friday, June 15, 2012

The Girl and the Man

Finally we're up to 1975 when Knees started his life over in Las Cruces NM ostensibly going to college by day and playing with the Calhoon Brothers at the Las Cruces Inn by night. He was mainly going to college to collect the GI Bill and he wasted over 100 hours of college credits on electronics classes. 

The originals of both versions of this song were quite muddy and lifeless, so I tried something new by using the Equalization effect on some of the tracks. EQ essentially means adjusting the volume by boosting certain frequencies, like the bass or the treble. What a difference! Now I feel like going back over all of the songs already done to see if they too could be enhanced by some EQ adjustments. Or -- I could re-record everything over again. I'll probably do neither.

It occurs to me that nothing in this song rhymes. Yet it sounds like it does.

Written: Espina Street, Las Cruces NM, fall 1975

Knees had just started playing with the band at the Las Cruces Inn and liked the way the other guitar player Mark did the Eagles’ Lyin Eyes. So he wrote a song about his daughter, Naomi, that was in the same musical vein. It won a prize in one of the early American Song Festival contests.

There’s a girl in Alabama
She’s got golden hair just like her daddy used to
And pictures of his face
Somewhere inside her memory
But she doesn’t know him like she really should.

There’s a man in Colorado
He’s got a burnin dream to live a life worth livin
And to know that the girl
Doesn’t feel about her father
The way that he feels about his own.

Baby I’m on my own but I’m missing you
And you’re almost grown
I’m a thousand miles away
And I’ve been four years on the road
But baby I’m through with that
And I think it’s time that I made it back
To the girl who’s loved by the man.

And the girl in Alabama
Laughs and plays and hardly cries at all
But when she thinks about
The man she calls her daddy
He’s not there to brighten up her eyes.

And the man in Colorado
Knows the way it was when he was five years old
And he knows too well
That when feelin bout your father
Indifferent and bad are just the same.

Brother's Grunge

(Sometime in the late 70s at the Las Cruces Inn, Las Cruces NM)

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