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The drums on this song were provided by a Yamaha keyboard I had back in the 90s and for some reason I chose the style and rhythm I did. The song was in 3/4 time on the piano when I wrote it and when I play it now on the acoustic guitar (without drums) I play it in 3/4 time. But the 4/4 time version sounds pretty good. There was a country DJ in Farmington back in the 70s named Bill Ramsey who played bass and sang in a band. He once told me that with the old country songs you could sing 'em either way, waltz time or 4/4 time, nobody would know the difference. I have a feeling that Willie and the old songwriters may not agree in every case but with Rocks, it works.

Written: Bayfield Highway, Durango CO, 1972

Knees wrote this on a piano in waltz time in a sort of Floyd Cramer style but he never played it with any of his bands. He heard a late night DJ say something about “having rocks in his head” and Knees thought there might be a pun he could write a song around. When he recorded it in the 90s he decided to use a more upbeat tempo and style.

I met her at a party
At my boss’ house last night
She was tall an she was pretty
And the moment seemed so right
I looked all around the party,
I was tryin to find my wife
I heard her in the bedroom
Enjoyin the night life.
So I said “C’mon, pretty girl, come with me.”
And she smiled.
I said “C’mon pretty girl, you will see.”
My heart was goin wild.

Then we went over to my house,
I showed her my king-size bed
I said everything that I knew
But she knew everything that I said
And the only rocks that I got
Were those that were in my head.

We went back to the party,
I wudn’t ready to call it a night
Success had played me dirty
But then again there’s always my wife
I found her in the bathroom,
She’d been drinkin up a storm
I put my arms around her,
Said “Hmm you sure are warm.”

I said “C’mon honey bunch, come with me.”
She gave a little shrug.
I said “C’mon honey bunch, you will see.
We’ll be snug as a plug in a jug.”

Then we went back to our house,
Hopped in our king-size bed
I said “I love you.”
“I got a headache,” was all she said
An the only rocks that I got
Were those that were in my head.

Rocktile Tissue

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