Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Baby's Gonna Leave Me Yesterday

This one is kind of noisy but was fun to sing.

Written: Monterey Street, Farmington NM, fall 1971

This one started out as a C&W song, written around the corny time-paradox title line, but by the time Knees got around to putting it to music, it acquired a ZZ Toppish shuffle and an Elvis-like All Shook Up melody.

My baby’s gonna do me dirty
She’s gonna fill my heart all full of blues
She’s gonna make my eyeballs feel like cryin
Yeah my baby’s gonna slip me some bad news.

Yeah my baby’s gonna sell me down the river
I’ll be howlin like a houn dog at bay
An the reason that I know all this will happen
My baby’s gonna leave me yesterday.

My baby’s gonna have my lunch for breakfast
She’s gonna have me babblin like a brook
She’s gonna set my heart a-fibrillatin
I’ll be squirmin like a catfish on a hook.


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