Tuesday, January 12, 2016


This was a real quickie from Knees. The song started playing in his head while he was watching the Alabama-Clemson game and when it was over he laid down some tracks and sent an MP3 to Gavin O'Keefe, who added a couple of viola tracks. All in one day.

By the way, the old song is by Neil Young. There's a strange measure in the chorus where Neil skips a beat or two, but nothing I tried in Band in a Box sounded right so I smoothed the song out and kept it all in 4/4 time. Easier to dance to, I imagine.

Which brings me to an observation I recently made about my 25-year musical career. Other than a year I spent playing piano in a small lounge with a trio (1983?), my whole career was playing for people to dance. I don't remember EVER playing where people were seated and looking, as in an audience. I don't think we ever played a song that had an odd measure. If people danced, we felt we played well. If they didn't, it was a bad night.

I guess this is why I prefer to put my songs here rather than on YouTube, and why all of the Knees Calhoon songs are danceable. 

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