Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I actually recorded these back in June of 2006 not long after I bought a new amp, a Fender G-Dec, that had drums and all kinds of effects built-in. Back then I was recording a song a night and calling them "Nightsongs". I used to have them up at the Ramble House web site but I phased them out when I started Knees Calhoon's Midnight Ramble.

It occurred to me that I rarely play any solos in the songs I've been covering, so here's some picking, the way I did it back in 2006.

Bill Jourdan, a great and wise steel guitar player I used to play with in 1966, and I were listening to a Dixieland song one time and I remarked that it sounded like everybody was soloing all at once. "That's exactly right," Bill said. So, in that spirit, I recorded about a half dozen solos over the same bass-drums track and played them all at the same time.