Saturday, October 26, 2013


One wouldn't think that I would be doing a song by the Indigo Girls, but one would be wrong. Ellie Tornblom, who does some beautiful videos of cover songs accompanied by her dancing children, suggested that our online group tackle a 1993 album, Rites of Passage, and I ended up with Nashville, which is right down my alley. I fuzzed it up a bit and Pat Booned the melody and it turned out much better than I would have thought for a Knees Calhoon version of an Indigo Girls song.

I did two versions of the song, almost identical. If you'd like to hear the first version, here it is. Mainly I was trying to "clean up" the first version when I did the second. Also, I filmed myself recording the second version for the video which I hope to put up on Youtube soon.