Sunday, March 24, 2013

July's Not the Hottest Month in Oz

Yippee! It's time for a brand new Knees Calhoon tune, the first in over a decade. It was instigated by a musical group that Knees joined on Facebook called Cover Album Project Band. Each month we do some recording project, usually covering all of the songs on a classic album. So far they've covered Revolver by the Beatles, Harvest by Neil Young and we're in the middle of Joshua Tree by U2. But the project for February was a special one in which we were to write original songs about a month of the year (mine was July) using the chord pattern: I  V  iv  V  or  C  G  Am  F. 

As always I grabbed the first thing that fell out of my mind, in this case, the heat wave in Australia.

  There's a video of me playing this song on YouTube and Facebook.