Saturday, March 23, 2013

One Tree Hill

This is a real departure for Knees. A song by U2! He considered it a "modern" song until he realized that it came out over 25 years ago. The instigation for the song was his joining a Facebook group that likes to do musical challenges every month, like covering all the songs on a classic album. For March the album was Joshua Tree by U2 and the song I picked was One Tree Hill. I had never heard it, or any of the songs on the album, before. It's easy to be musically ignorant when your only exposure to popular music is the time spent in Taco Bell waiting for volcano tacos.

My take on U2? Excellent singing by a guy with a voice to rival Don Henley's. They apparently know how to generate a truly hypnotic beat. I'm afraid the best I can do on modern songs like this is a Pat Boone version.

There's a video of me singing this song on Youtube and Facebook. Gawd help us all.