Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm Alone (But That's Okay)

I've taken a vacation from music lately, mainly working on books. But when a song comes along that catches my ear -- even though I am not listening -- it means that it's an extraordinary song. Written by Christopher Guest and sung by Ron Sexsmith, it's the end theme song from the HBO show, Family Tree. As soon as I heard the song I knew it was a song that I had to do for the Ramble.

But it's so short. It's perfect as an end theme and at one minute in length says what it wants to say and ends. The performance by Sexsmith is absolutely beautiful and I feel a little sheepish about making the song a little longer and more Calhoon-like. With only a guitar and a weird organ or something, the original has more soul than my drums, bass, guitars and harmonizer version. If you like the way it sounds when I sing it, you really should hear the original. It's fantastic.

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