Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dead Man

This is a song whose time has come -- to be yanked headfirst from the grave where it has languished for the past 40 years. The Calhoons used to do this song in the early years. It was a holdover from Knees' time in Durango where his band did a lot of Asleep at the Wheel. The Texas band was perfect for integrating the bars of Colorado and New Mexico because the Bob Wills swing sound pleased the cowboys and the hipness of the lyrics satisfied the hippies.

I would think the tune would kill on THE WALKING DEAD. And out of the 900+ zombie movies that have been made so far, at least one of them ought to have this being gurgled by a zombie band in a C&W bar.

Let's travel back to New Years' Eve of 1976 and usher in 1977 with the Bros. Hopefully the scene got wilder as the midnight hour approached.  


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