Friday, October 12, 2012

Tommy's Trains

It's been a while since I added to this blog. I still have a few songs by Knees Calhoon that haven't been recorded well enough to feature here but if I can dredge up some energy maybe I can get them done. In the meantime here's a song with lyrics written by Tommy Pynchon and music by Knees. They didn't collaborate. Pynchon included a bunch of song lyrics in his 1973 magnum opus GRAVITY'S RAINBOW and these are some of them.

As always, click on the song title to download/listen to an MP3 of the song.

Ordinarily I list the lyrics of the song so you can read along, but since I didn't write the words, maybe it's best that I don't write them down. You can find them near the beginning of Section 3 of GRAVITY'S RAINBOW. 
The opening lick was ripped off from an award-winning song by Karen Nix of Las Cruces NM, but since Knees wrote the lick for the song in the first place, it's not an egregious plagiarism. Although, as John Fogerty found out, in US law it's possible to plagiarize from yourself.

The song was called "Who Am I" and was the winner of the song contest judged by Michael Martin Murphy that I wrote about in the text for "Equal Partners"back on July 6, 2012. Karen had recorded a version of the song in El Paso and I happened to be in the studio at the time and suggested a lick that I thought fit the chords quite well. I played it on a keyboard and it was added to the recording. A few months later Karen was in San Francisco and had a studio band record the song and they did a bang-up job on it. Amazing guitar work and singing.

Here is Karen's song as played by the SF group.

I still have a few doodles but I'm down to the ones that look like afterthoughts. So no more doodles.  

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