Friday, July 6, 2012

Equal Partners

Randy Miller wrote this song. He was the drummer for the Mighty Calhoon Brothers from the beginning in 1976 to around 1981 and did a lot of the singing. Sometime around 1986 I was living in Las Cruces and Randy had moved back to his home town of Clovis NM. A fairly famous songwriter/singer, Michael Martin Murphy, came to Las Cruces for a concert (which I saw and was very impressed by) and a song writing contest. Murphy was to be the judge and I entered one of my songs. I called Randy and asked him if he had a song I could enter for him and he sent me a cassette with his version of his song, Equal Partners, on it. I had never heard it before and thought it was terrific.

The winning song, "Who Am I?", was by a friend of ours, Karen Nix, and I later played the keyboard on the song when she recorded it in El Paso a few weeks later. Maybe it will appear on the Midnight Ramble sooner or later?

But I liked Randy's song so much I recorded in it 1993 when I was on my recording binge. I think I like Randy's version better. I mainly added reverb (lots of it) and harmony. Typical Knees Calhoon touches.

Randy had a terrible stroke a few years back and is now recovering quite well. He can walk a little and can play the guitar and sing too. He says he can't remember his old songs so they're like new to him. This means my old songs are new to him too and I hope he gets a kick out of the Rambles. He called me yesterday on my birthday and we talked for an hour. Mostly I talked his ear off because I was so excited about his recovery and the fact that he hasn't listened to the Rambles yet.

After reading the lyrics to this song I wonder why the Calhoons didn't get into songwriting seriously. Randy was as clever with words as Knees was. Only rarely have I heard any songs from Nashville with words as good as these. See what you think.

by Randy Miller

You used to be my partner
In so many ways
We did everything we could
To make each others days
Partners on the dance floor
And behind our bedroom door
But somehow that life just slipped away
We're hardly partners anymore.

We dissolved all our holdings
And all our touchings too
We'll have to share the sorrow
There'll be another payment due
The books have all been balanced
And a high price has been paid
We'll part with all things being equal
In this final deal we've made.

We're equal partners in a heartache
We share an interest in the blues
Equal partners in a heartbreak
We lost all we had to lose.

Now you'll be my silent partner
When I try to love again
Maybe time can heal a broken heart
But darlin even then
You'll always be there in my past
Your memories will always last
And even when my life is fadin fast
I'll still regret losin you.

We're equal partners in a heartache
A losing interest in the blues
Equal partners in a heartbreak
Now there's nothing left to lose.

Randy Miller Rocks!

The Acoustic Version - Sung by Randy

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