Monday, June 11, 2012

Who Cares As Long As I Get Mine?

I just realized that I have live versions of about 20 of the Knees Calhoon songs as played by the Mighty Calhoon Brothers in Las Cruces NM back in the late 70s. So I plan to include a link to the live version at the bottom of the blog beneath the doodle. A few of the songs already done have live versions and I hope to add links on them so you might want to take another look at some of the older posts -- if you like live versions of songs. There's not much I can do to clean up the live recordings. They weren't recorded in stereo. We just set up a reel-to-reel tape recorder and hoped for the best.

Written: Electronics Class, TVI, Albuquerque NM, 1973

One boring day at a vocational school Knees wrote the words to two songs, then went home at noon and wrote the music and recorded them. Death on the Horizon was the R&R song and this was the C&W tune. The words just seemed to write themselves and Knees was as surprised as anyone when this song turned out to be the world’s first bi-sexual country & western song.

I’m drivin to a pickin job
Bout seventy miles from my home town
An I got my country station blarin
Listenin to the latest sounds
With forty miles down an thirty to go
An country words a-spinnin in my mind
My man my woman my wife, my life!
Sounds like someone’s in a bind.

Now a little girl is singin about keepin her man
An warnin her friends to stay away
Or a man is moanin in a mournful voice
About how somebody’s gonna hafta pay
You’d think everybody owned someone else
But then only one at a time
My man my woman my wife, my life!
Who cares as long as I get mine?

I’m a man who loves the women,
An my wife sure loves the men
Maybe just the other way around,
Somethin different now an then.
An you know when I find me a woman
My wife usually finds her a man
An if we happen to be together
We lend each other a hand, a hand, a hand.

So here I am in another town,
My wife is seventy miles away
An I bet she’s with a friend
An they ain’t talkin bout the time a day
But tonight when quittin time rolls around
Me an Sally are gonna be feelin fine
My man my woman my wife, my life!
Who cares as long as I get mine?
My man my woman my life, big deal!
Who cares as long as I get mine?


(Sometime in the late 70s at the Las Cruces Inn, Las Cruces NM)

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