Thursday, October 31, 2013


Okay, it's time for a real change of pace here at the Ramble. It was back in 1984 or so and my girlfriend asked Gordon Butler, the fiddler in the Calhoon Brothers, to do a "gypsy" song for her. I had no idea of what to do but Gordon brought his violin over to my house one day where I had my electronic piano set up and said, "Let's do this song called Czardas. It sounds sort of gypsy and it goes like this." He ran through the chord progression and I said, "Let's record."

I wasn't sure of the rhythm of the song and Gordon said to just fumble around the beat. Then he took off.

Afterwards, I said I was surprised I was able to play all the way through without making a major mistake and he agreed. But don't listen to the keyboard. Listen to the violin. It's fantastic. Why didn't we ever think of playing something like this at the bar?