Sunday, May 12, 2013

Get Together

I spent the weekend at Clark County Park in Mississippi along with about 100 of my wife's mother's family. It was peaceful outdoor living and at the big Saturday night get-together I figured this song by the Youngbloods might fit the occasion. I planned to set up the harmonizer and wow the relatives with the ghostly voices that would come at the stomp of a pedal but I had too much to think about just remembering the words. So this is a slightly more competent version of the song than the 100 Hillmans heard me warble on Saturday night.

Jocco Rushing sang a couple of excellent blues/gospel songs and then we fumbled around wondering what to sing and came up with an uninspired Peaceful Easy Feelin'. The next day on the way home I of course thought of a perfect Knees Calhoon song for the occasion that I should have done. This would have gone great with the rainstorm that was going on outside. For the Hillmans who somehow find this page, here's the song I should have sung. Unlike the Eagles song, I actually know the words to this one.