Saturday, May 4, 2013

Casey Jones

Today's song is typical: I recorded it in a couple of hours late one night then went to bed thinking, "Well, that one needs to be done over again with all of the rough spots done right." Then the next day I try to redo some of the tracks and I realize that I'm in a totally different mood and there's no way I could do them better. That's when I decide to just stick the song up at the Ramble and move on.

One of my favorite Grateful Dead songs, I actually have a recording of the Mighty Calhoon Brothers doing it at the Las Cruces Inn on September 30, 1978. I have a feeling that it was the only time we ever played it. It must have been a slow night at the bar because judging by the song list for the night, we did a lot of songs that night that I don't remember knowing. Would you believe God Only Knows by the Beach Boys? Play That Funky Music? Mark even sang Funny Little Clown by Bobby Goldsboro. It must have been a hell of a nostalgic night at the Las Cruces Inn.