Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hands

Part of my reason for covering songs on this blog is to make sure that certain superior tunes don't get forgotten in the fog of time. I had almost completely forgotten this song from 1982, but it's really one of the most original songs of its time. It has decent words but where it really shines is in its chords. This song is full of suspended 4ths and 2 chords (both my favorites) and it has an almost mathematical buildup of suspense because of them. In addition, the melody spends less time on notes IN THE CHORD than any other country song I've ever heard. All in all a great melody over great chords.

By the way, the main reason I put songs up here at the Ramble is therapy. Nothing makes me feel better after a day of spinning my wheels than a simple music project that takes about 2 hours and ends up with another song.

The song was sung by Lee Greenwood in 1982 and by Reba McIntyre in 1996. It was written by Don Goodman, Pam Rose and Mary Ann Kennedy.