Saturday, April 13, 2013

Candy Man Yo Sweets Are Mighty Fine

Credit for this new song should go to Robin Harbron and his Thunder Bay friends for inspiring this song. Robin invited me to join his group, which records and videos songs every month, and the project for April was to do an original song that had somehow fallen through the cracks and never been recorded. I just happen to have a song that fit that description, one that Knees wrote back in 67 or 68 when he was in the army. It was obviously his version of "Waitin' for My Man" by the Velvet Underground, and he gave the song the first melody that occurred to him when he saw the words again after 45 years.

I’m needin a speeding
Don’t let me down candyman
I’m flyin high  now so do the best you can
Comin down time is comin up soon
So open up your bag and shoot me to the moon
Candy Man, yo sweets are mighty fine.
I’m sighin while I’m flyin
But tomorrow’s another day
It’s all such a groove
You know it’s the only way
But livin ain’t easy when you’re straight as the man
So lay me five dolls right here in my hand
Candy Man, yo sweets are mighty fine.
Candy Man, travel agent
I like what you sell to me
Candy Man, secret agent,
I like what they let me be.
I’m flyin high now, flyin up with the birds
Flyin so high I don’t even know the words
My tongue’s keeps tumbling inside my mouth
You came through, that’s what it’s all about
Candy Man, yo sweets are mighty fine.