Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jamaica Say You Will

I've been recording a lot lately using  a new toy, a Digitech Vocalist Live 3. It adds one or two voices of harmony to any melody I sing and it does it correctly by analyzing the chords I'm playing on the guitar. The device is definitely aimed at use in a live setting, but I figured out ways to use it in the recording studio.

I still have a few original songs that haven't been presented in this blog, and will get to them soon, but in the meantime here are some songs that I felt were superior, even with me singing and playing the guitars. For most of them I use Band in a Box to provide the drums and bass, and occasionally, piano.

The first song in this series is a tune by Jackson Browne that I've always liked. I think we probably played it a couple of times at the Las Cruces Inn with the Calhoon Brothers, but it wasn't a keeper. It's not a particularly danceable tune.

As always, click on the song title to download or play the MP3.