Saturday, July 21, 2012

Space Needle

I left this song out when I was doing 1969 because it wasn't recorded with the others. The only recording of this song is from 1969, Knees' last year in the army. it's doubtful it will ever be recorded again. You can't beat perfection.

Knees' experience with heroin is fairly simple. Right around the time this song was recorded some guys visited the house where Knees was living with some army pals and they had some heroin with them. So some of the six or seven people at the house were injected with heroin. The first thing they did was throw up. Then they lolled around wanting to go to sleep while the rest of us, following the directions of the bozo who brought the heroin, walked the users around to keep them from falling asleep. It wasn't much fun at all and turned Knees off of any drug that's injected.

Written: Pierce Street, El Paso TX 1969

Knees was inspired by the Velvet Underground’s heroin songs and thought he should write one of his own. He worked out an elaborate arrangement for the song based on some oriental melody and recorded it in the living room of the Pierce Street pad. Ray Ott ran the tape deck with its reverb knob that went to 11. Knees uses a kazoo for most of the instrumental solo. The noises he makes at the end were inspired by Shock Theater, a Friday night horror show on KOB TV out of Albuquerque back in the 50s.

Woke up this morning,
To the sound of my alarm,
All I felt like doin
Was shootin my arm.
Come to me baby, gimme a fix,
My eyes are like tinfoil,
My teeth feel like bricks.

Check in my wallet,
Check in my shoes
If I don’t find my needle
I’ll become one with the blues.
Come to me baby, gimme a fix,
I feel like I’m drowned in that ol river Styx.

So tear up my shirtsleeve,
Find me a vein,
In a blink of a second
A strange brain gang bang.
Come to me baby, gimme a fix,
People get naked, expose all your pricks.