Monday, July 9, 2012

Angelus of Doom

This is it. The last song ever written by Knees Calhoon as of July 2012. It's based on a short story in the book, TOTAH TRILOGY. There was a third short story in the book called "The Glowing Green Gambit" but that title didn't inspire me lyrically. So I picked a favorite instrumental I had recorded and renamed it THE GLOWING GREEN GAMBIT. I have a feeling you will be hearing it as a Midnight Ramble some night soon.

You may have noticed that I am several songs short of the "60" I probably quoted in the beginning of the blog. I left out a few songs that were iffy in quality, either in the songwriting, the performance or the recording. But I wouldn't want to be accused of censorship so I hope to feature these songs soon, recorded in a way that doesn't embarrass me. Of course I will supply the original version of the song so I'll be embarrassed anyway.

I wouldn't think of spoiling the incredible plot of "Angelus of Doom" for you, but I will say that the lyrics sort of hit some of the high spots of the short story, which is about bottle pool, bells, bowling and murder. And as Jon Breen said in a review of the book, "demanding nuns".

Written: Gladstone Blvd. Shreveport LA, 2004

Once again, because he had already written the short story, Knees found it fairly easy to write the words of this song. The music was pretty much the first thing that occurred to him, which was Knees' typical way of writing songs. He went overboard when recording it with ACID, using about a dozen tracks of guitars and vocals.

It all began at the Snooker 8
Bottle pool was the game
And it ended at the Navajo Bowl
In Tom Bolack's last frame.

Tucker got the ball rollin
Takin Gunter to school
Bill was sacked out in the back seat
Bill Smith was no fool

But the bells that were ringin
They were tolling for you
Sister Mary Edwina
The Angelus of Doom.

Gunter Hedelin packed it in
Recognized the wrong face
He never made it to the finish line
Of the master race.

Tucker knew there was somethin wrong
Bout that lyin nun
An there ain't nuthin more dangerous
Than a nun with a gun

An the bells that were ringin
They were tollin for you
Sister Mary Edwina
The Angelus of Doom.

The Big Doodle