Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Just a Man

As I look at the lyrics of the songs Knees wrote back in the 60s and 70s it occurs to me that he didn't have a particularly wide range of rhymes. Most of his lines ended with with words rhyming with "hand" or "dead". Also, he was fond of long lyrical lines instead of short, catchy ones that successful songwriters like Tom Petty use. 1977 was probably his most prolific songwriting year because the Las Cruces Inn was really jumping and he had a ready-made soundboard for his tunes. He'd write a song in the daytime and the Calhoons would try it out that night.

Written: Melendres Street, Las Cruces NM, 1977

Knees was flying high at the Las Cruces Inn in 1977. The bar was packed every night and he and Mark Coker, the other guitarist/singer, were coming up with new songs regularly. In this song Knees put just about every one of the modern C&W clich├ęs he knew. The people at the bar called it that “boy’s first kiss” song.

I was a kid for a long time
Livin on the farm there was no need to grow
An sure I love my folks but that ain’t enough
When I needed to leave
More than they could know.

Then you came into my life like a whirlwind
An you blew this tumbleweed right offa the farm
Now no matter where we go
I just want you to know
That I love you an lovin you keeps me warm.

Oh I’m just a man, I’ll do all I can
But I’ve never been in love like this before
So try an understand
You’re a boy’s first kiss
Oh and this boy just can’t miss
With a woman like you to take me by the hand
It took a woman like you to show me I’m a man.


(Sometime in the late 70s at the Las Cruces Inn, Las Cruces NM)